Ravinder Reddy

Ravinder reddy’s bold and gigantic fiberglass heads of women became iconic symbols of Indian art. The woman is a representation of the universal beauty. Reddy creates a unique form fusing his personalized iconography. The giant expressive heads, with eyes wide open, are envisaged as an omnipresent deity, as she guards and watches over the mundane world. The glossy colour, fine details and the richly ornamented head gears, all bring out his modernist approach to an otherwise primitive form. For him, the iconic sculptures are an amalgamation of Egyptian and Mexican figures, Nigerian bronzes with a Warholian pop sensibility. However, he recreates the woman with exaggerated sensuality and ornamentation that evoke indigenous sensibility. The flamboyant feminine qualities that are brought out here are suggestive of Kali, the ferocious Indian goddess, with staggering expression of her broad eyes. As he believes that the female form enables him to play with his artistic tools, he employs his own palette of vibrant colors, gold leaf and necessary embellishment. The dazzling lustrous heads are simple and austere in terms of its form and volume but the magnitude creates a sense of aura as he successfully blends them with localized features with ‘Popular’ visual effects.

2014 © Art@Telangana
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