Afza Tamkanat

Personal expression is an inevitable part of larger social expression for Afza Tamkanat. Her paintings, installations and playful Tea/coffee sepia washes explain how a simple creation may evolve into a meaningful art work when it deals with variety of contradictions between the self and the other. By and large, Afza’s art works imply a pragmatic feeling with personalized propositions about the mundane world around her. Unsurprisingly, the subject matter comes from her daily routine and her personal experiences as she witnesses typical circumstances and reacts to them translating into outstanding visual diaries. Using photographic images, she is constantly engaged in searching and snooping for a new dialect within the realm of photo-realism. These visuals transmit both her artistic sensitivities and sensibilities which she encodes and decodes through a schema of painting pictures. The technique, in her recent series of paintings, is drawn from mediatic-realism which was in vogue in the recent past. However, her constructive approach in building narrativity may be seen as very special and captivating effort, where the imagery reflects the essence of contemporary social life.

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