S Kantha Reddy

Sama Kantha Reddy transforms the undefined ideas into meaningful sculptures. As an artist he recognizes that the form itself inherently exists in the material. He makes a candid effort to unravel the hidden form from a natural form. His sculptures are reflections of world around him. Having been predisposed to study of mystic nature he realizes the significance of life and search for the ontological aspects of it. His portraits are depicted often in pensive mood as if pouring out the emotions. He generates a kind of creative energy, improvising the abstract art works, where the intricacy of the sculpture is attained only with utmost care and sensibility that clearly emphasizes how craftsmanship could be exploited to obtain an aesthetic relish. The composition of carved woods and assemblages stand as extraordinary examples of master craftsmanship, which drives us into an unknown territory of aesthetics. One of the most important features of his art is the metaphysical formulation using dissimilar objects. The other aspect is spiritual, where he comes up with contradictions of human beings in contemporary situations. Though the mind longs for spirituality the outer world influence us to material aspects of life. He uses subtle witticism to address the issues pertaining to tradition and modern, the contradictions of human life.

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