Sachin Jaltare

The vibrant spaces are camouflaged with beautiful women. The women are fused and defused in the chiaroscuro produced by the hazy but controlled brush strokes. The reticent figures play a hide and seek with the viewer under the unusual shield of simulated light sources. These are the few enthralling artistic qualities that Sachin manages to produce with his personalized technique. His canvases are the typical artworks that have a visual appeal, soothing the eyes and that are gratifying to one and all. As the artist squiggles out his figures out of vaguely applied colors, the space transforms into misty layers of paint that calm the sensory nerves. The primary colours turn into beautiful textures of tints and shades enriching the back ground. His depictions of man and woman apparently evoke the eternal love between Shiva and Parvati or Radha and Krishna. His colors are subtle and largely monotonous as the artist deliberately subdues the strong hues in order to attain a soothing ambience. What mesmerizes the viewer is the semi abstract eminence, which is constructed with the help of powerful drawing and colour application. The paintings show a lyrical quality, expounding the saga of love while employing his own grammar.

2014 © Art@Telangana
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