Sanjay Ashtaputre

Sanjay strives to bring harmony with fresh hues and curvilinear drawings, where the anatomy appears subservient to his myriad layers of colors in his composition. Many a times, he literally paints the implicit poetry that arouse in him and visualizes the indescribable feelings. The imagery comes from pure reverberating emotions taking shapes of daubs of color and masses of lines. The colors conceal and reveal inner layers of the pictographic plains creating a lyrical quality as the palette evokes certain seasons of love. Started off his career as a figurative artist, he gradually shifted to a terrain of semi-abstraction. With each new series he widens his artistic horizons painting poetic translations and beautiful renditions of the feminine. He searches for beauty personifying nature as a woman, who is in a constant dialogue with flora and fauna that exemplify love, joy and ecstatic moods. The beautiful woman is always associated with peacock, a male counterpart, communicating and expressing her love. His amazing quality of charcoal drawings that centered around the personification of raga ‘malkauns’, a perfect amalgamation of love, devotion and the ecstasy, apparently shows how emotion may be expressed through the lines.

2014 © Art@Telangana
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