Sayam Bharath Yadav

The semi abstract predisposition of Bharath’s paintings is rather subdued by the powerful mass of contours and the remarkable expressions of the dynamic figures. The figures are essentially silhouettes of buffaloes, at times he himself becomes one of them doing a variety of activities and perceives everything through the animal’s eye, as he experiences the joy and the jealousy. He portrays the animals as they try to understand the quandary and the susceptibility in the context of urbanization. Through these symbolic representations, he makes an effort to critically comment on issues like pollution and expansion of the city. The huge canvases in oil and acrylic facilitate as vast meadows, where the domestic beasts gather and wander at their liberty. The artist empathetically engages in recreating these domestic animals and attributes symbolic meanings to them. Many a times, the animal is conceived as an epitome of nature and self. He draws and overlaps the robust forms abstracting the desired portions of the canvas. The somber earthy colours and the rustic plains are camouflaged with heavily stylized figures revealing the artist’s desire for figurative abstraction. Interestingly, Bharath also looks into the breeding dissimilarities of the animal, typifying the cultural diversities within the community.

2014 © Art@Telangana
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