Sayeed Bin Mohammed

Belonging to an orthodox Muslim family hailing from Arabia, Sayeed Bin Mohammed emerged as an artist by surprise in the small town. He was deprived of English education as he followed the traditional tutoring from where he picked up motifs to be used in his art in future. As a youngster, he made sketches and portraits of nomadic Arabs from where he evolved his skills by joining at the Central School of Arts and Crafts, Hyderabad. While working as an art teacher, he was well known for his portrait and life studies. He had a remarkable talent to bring likeness. He chose underprivileged or the ‘proletariat’ to depict humanity in all its reality rather than myth or fiction. Even in his portraits, the social background of the portrayed creeps onto the canvas in a subtle way. In his experiments with techniques and colours, Sayeed Bin Mohammed chanced upon the marble technique where oil colours are poured over water to create spontaneous forms, later to be worked upon to bring a desired figure or pattern. With this, the artist arrived at a unique treatment, completely his own. He is also known for his ‘signature sketches’, a playful rendering of Urdu calligraphy and portraits made out of signatures of famous personalities.

2014 © Art@Telangana
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