Srihari Bholekar

Using cross hatching technique with entwined mesh of lines Srihari Bholekar creates dissimilar forms. An immense depth is recreated by stacks of lines forming and framing objects of the known and to be known. In fact the known is represented as unknown in the tricky hands of the artist. The subconscious turns into conscious and the form itself becomes formless. He produced surprising art works in his formative period, where the real and unreal collude creating a metaphysical field. His peculiar subject matter ranging from erotic to spiritual clearly exemplifies the psyche of the artist, who only paints what he perceives and experiences. The sensuality of the feminine and the sexuality of masculine are represented in a fantastic visual idiom. At times the female figure is conceived as nature itself. The prakriti and purusha manifest an unknown reality, which indeed turns into known reality. For him the expression of the artist remains unknown until it is formulated through a medium. Perhaps Bholekar may be knowingly creating unknown forms juxtaposing them with known forms as if in search of ultimate beauty in the nature.

2014 © Art@Telangana
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