Srikant Babu

Spiritual, is the true essence of Srikant Babu’s paintings. Greatly enthused by temple architecture, he produces numerous paintings and drawings of Hindu mythological characters, architectonic forms and deities such as Lord Shiva in meditation, Lord Vishnu in reclining posture, Ganesha in variety of forms etc. The beauty of temple architecture, its mesmerising environs and particularly the idols in the temples are recurrent motifs in his paintings. The elongated figures, similar to statues, are placed in vaguely created caves by architectural pillars and motifs. Though the paintings cling to religious subject matter as the artist believes everything is a divine plan, the approach to the treatment is not completely conventional and decorative. The colour and the treatment of each area are planned according to the needs, which appear to have semi-abstract qualities. The composition is conceived as the realm of gods in which obscurity plays a strategic role in creating an illusory aura. The obscurity may be a deliberate attempt to exemplify the spirituality and Indian thought. The depiction of the images in different sizes evokes imitations of South Indian temple gopurams. The artist cleverly mutilates and re-organises the intricate forms juxtaposing architectural motifs.

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