Srikanth Dhunde

The large expanses of textured pictorial spaces that exhibit an immense gestural authority are the true emotive expressions of Srikanth Dhunde, an artist with immense talent. The plain visual spaces are often overlapped by unidentifiable forms which create an abstract gaze, yet register a complex insight of the artist. Though emotions are poured upon the effervescent colour fields, a sincere effort to unify the cogent imagery and uncompromised conflicts of the artistic psyche are clearly evident in his enthralling paintings. His canvases with energetic volume and ephemeral imaginary significations are an abstract representation of different facets of the nature, where the myriad brush strokes and rudimentary shapes share unproblematic relations. Since his works are considered as non-representational, the schema suggests a sign of representative instinct, creating an unknown terrain of formless beauty and accentuate the tangibility of the created forms. The important and noteworthy aspects in his paintings are the freedom of execution and the use of an unusual artistic temperament. Largely relying on simplification of concrete visual depictions, the artist tries to recreate a symbolic rhythm of neighbouring imagery with subtle modifications and improvisations. Apparently, the temperament shows a poetic tendency, in which the visual vocabulary emerges spontaneously.

2014 © Art@Telangana
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