Agacharya Paloji

Coming from rural background of Karimnagar, Agacharya recalls memories of his village and elucidates the very essence of its culture through his colourful paintings. His paintings are predominantly figurative, where the women of South India are shown engrossed in their routine activities either in a group or in a dialogue or in festivity, as they proclaim their collective identity. Though a kind of repetitiveness pervades the art, he deliberately avoids the embellishment unlike other artists from his region whose paintings show abundant ornamentation and intricate design both in jewellery and costumes. He says his people are plain. Hence, the embellishment is absent here. But, the colour palette of Agacharya evidently shows his strong inclination to conventional schema, following the genre of ‘Telangana women’, where a range of warm yellows, bright reds and deep greens occupy the large parts of canvas. However, what makes him distinctive is that his paintings show a sense of empathy, capturing the beautiful rural settings and the sensuality of elegant women. It appears that the most of his figures are deliberately placed with profiles rather than frontal views in a reticent escape from the viewer’s gaze.

2014 © Art@Telangana
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