Surya Prakash

The vivacious paintings on canvas emanate a sense of calm, a celebration of serene beautiful nature. Famous for his Lotus pond series the 'Pool of Life' and 'Dream of Nature', eminent artist Surya Prakash is regarded as one of the very important painters of India. Undoubtedly, his contribution towards the development of art of Hyderabad is immense. The earlier series called 'Jargon of the Junk' reveals his penchant for creating tonalities experimenting with very ordinary forms evolving his idiom and intensifying his visual opus. In 60’s, his early set of art works show hints of Surrealism but his constant engagement with art gradually took him to a distinctive fusion of beauty of phenomenal world and his personalized technique. Widely known for his entrancing depictions of lotus-ponds Surya Prakash absorbed the colourist emotional response towards the nature. Like an impressionist he creates his art works employing the daubs of alluring hues to create depth while capturing the form. The skillful renderings of water lilies and ponds encompass clouds of painterly semi-abstract shapes. His semi-realistic representation of the nature shows his mastery in translating his mindscapes into beautiful picturesque landscapes.

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