Syed Rayees Ahmed

The sturdy crispy lines overtly interplay, deforming the physiognomies. The fat layers of tinted impasto with subtle variations in the tones help form and deform the subject. Syed Rayees Ahmed is a very talented young artist of Hyderabad who deliberately distorts the desired forms to attain an expressionistic visual idiom. The subject is often analytically broken akin to Cubism and Abstraction, convoluting multiple views in order to achieve a sense of non singular interpretation. Rayees’ expertise in several mediums such as oil, acrylic on canvas and watercolour bring out the real pictures and essence of Hyderabad. He comes up with surfeit emotive subjects who are stuck in ‘old city’ streets, traditions and how they deal with everyday life. ‘Basically Hydrabadi', a series of paintings, is a brilliant example of the quaint life of the ‘old city' that he observes critically. Through a systematic approach, he uses geometrical painterly devices to show the duality of human personality. The culture, attire and the distinct characteristics are captured with acute artistic sense. The expressionistic imagery, many a times a static one, express much more when we deeply engage with the depictions.

2014 © Art@Telangana
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