Vidya Bhushan

Vidya Bhushan is a veteran artist, well-known for his egg tempera technique. He is one of the significant artists who made original copies of Ajanta for the Archaeological department of Hyderabad and imbibed the sensibilities of the mural technique. He was also the teacher for a generation of artists who carved their own niches in the field of fine arts. Vidya Bhushan tried his hand in using various mediums such as oil, etching, watercolour, fresco and mosaic creating spectacular murals and art pieces. He is widely recognized for his bright scintillating paintings done in egg tempera, which show profound expressionistic style. With the massive gestural strokes the master artist cleverly mutilates and arranges the human forms translating his artistic insights. At times, they are conceived as metaphors through which the artist expresses his emotions. The figures often are stranded in subtle erotic expressions as the heavy impasto and thick contours lead to a bizarre visual realm.

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