Narender Reddy

The visual vocabulary of Narender Reddy is none other than the ordinary things around him such as fruits, kitchen appliances and many other house hold things. They are real but often would transmute into strange composite forms to cater to his loud surreal compositions. These composite forms are depicted in naturalistic technique, which create a sense of fantasy. For Reddy, anything and everything is surreal in itself. He explores and experiences the un-known dimension in these banal objects and recreates them in unpredictable shapes in order to generate ambiguous meanings. What one can see in his beautifully rendered paintings is the metaphysical aspect as they create conflict of perception and deception when these simple objects are affected with the metamorphosis. Reddy deliberately brings forth this kind of sceptical pictorial backdrop in which the desired forms float transgressing the rules of science. With this bizarre visual language the artist takes us to unknown fantastic terrains.

2014 © Art@Telangana
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