Nazar Mohammad

A plethora of human figures, with unusual characteristic features, conglomerate along with other rustic creatures creating a distinctive aesthetic quality in the black and white works of Nazar Mohammad. His amazing pen and ink drawings and the artistic temperament truly comes out as a sublime element when one ponders over the beautifully drawn pictures. Moreover, his work reverberates with a distinct creative energy, a tremendous artistic fervour, and a magical craftsmanship. Nazar’s work is full of vigour and artistic zeal as the scattered but schematic compositions illustrate the mundane activities in a unique manner. His predilection for his tribal people is evident in his impressive art works. The grotesque physiognomies are represented employing a personalised style which he evolved working with a very simple medium. What interests in his wonderful drawings is the cave like pictorial space; where in, the human figures are drawn with utmost care and dexterity. Each part of the composition is conceived as a collective activity which elucidates the way of life or a culture that he painstakingly transformed on to the paper.

2014 © Art@Telangana
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