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B.Narsing Rao - Trustee
B. Narsing Rao is an eminent filmmaker, painter and poet. He received National award for his realistic depictions of rustic Telangana through parallel cinema which became a genre in itself in the Telugu film industry. He is also credited with editing many books in Telugu.
He curated a major exhibition with 42 artists belonging to Telangana in New Delhi in 2010.He recently edited the art@telangana coffee table book that covered over 150 artists and 100 years of Visual art of Telangana.

Aelay Laxman - Trustee
Aelay Laxman is a highly reputed artist for his contemporary depictions of the rural Telangana imagery. Presently, a research scholar in English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad, Laxman completed his Masters in Painting from Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture and Fine Arts University, Hyderabad. He also worked as an Art director for many Bollywood films and made a few short films himself. He is credited with numerous important shows and participated in several art camps held in India and abroad.

Niranjan - Trustee
Mr.Niranjan Reddy is a prominent lawyer, film maker and an ardent art lover, who currently runs the largest law firm in Hyderabad with over 50 lawyers. A passionate film enthusiast, he worked with leading Indian film directors as an assistant director and has written film scripts, while also collaborating creatively with other writers / directors. He has also produced films in Telugu and is currently working on a documentary film on the Lakes of Telangana and working on a few film projects as well. His social engagements include the promotion of water conservation, with a pilot project commenced near Nirmal, the promotion of organic farming (with a farm of 80 acres in Sirgapoor village near Nirmal being developed on these lines for illustrative / educational purposes) and renewable energy reliance.

Papa Rao - Trustee
Shri B.V.Papa Rao, a former IAS officer, worked for United Nations in Post-War Kosovo as the head of Culture Ministry of this war torn region. He is a filmmaker and wrote a few scripts himself. He was constantly involved in and promoted various cultural forms like painting, sculpture and dance. He founded the Kakatiya trust for the development of Telangana heritage in the district of Warangal. He is now the advisor to Government of Telangana.

Vaidehi Reddy - C E O
Vaidehi Reddy is a gold medalist in law and is now currently working on transactional area in law practice. She has assisted Rani Shankardass in research and documentation of her book “Of Woman Inside”. She has been engaged in social activities and has conducted a prison reforms project on behalf of Penal Reforms International, U.K. She is currently associated with an organization called “Prakruti” that is engaged in conservation of environment.

Vikas Nagrare - C O O
He is a culture & heritage social entrepreneur; and tourism expert professionally. He has been into Events & Projects Management for the past several years and worked on various prestigious projects like ABU International Dance Festival 2017, HRIDAY Project of Govt. of India in Varanasi, National Initiative to foster Social Responsibility in Higher Education by MHRD, Kuchipudi Yakshagana Documentation project for SNA, etc. He initiated and coordinated Naad Bhed, the reality show on classical music for Doordarshan. He worked as Deputy Director in CII and Head - India and Overseas in SPIC MACAY.

Anand Gadapa - Content Manager
Anand Kumar Gadapa is a practicing artist, art critic and an independent curator. He studied Master of Visual Arts (Art history & Aesthetics) at Faculty of Fine Arts, M S University of Baroda. He published articles on contemporary art in several magazines, presented papers, lectured on art and participated in several group shows in India and abroad. He wrote several exhibition catalogues while also curating some of them like ‘Tryst with Telangana’ (2007) in Baroda. He is currently working on visual art in Telangana contributing to the art@telangana book. He is presently teaching Art history in JNAFAU Hyderabad.

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